Email Marketing – Advertising Measures for Customer Care

Email marketing is one of the most effective advertising methods. The reason it is so effective is the fact that the work takes place exclusively with interested existing customers and that the customer is addressed personally in each mail. As you can already tell from the name, this type of marketing involves sending emails. The high success rate of email marketing is related to the fact that emails may only be sent to customers who have expressed their consent to receive the advertising material.


Email Marketing – Advantages

Email marketing is a very cost-efficient and effective way of advertising. These processes are increasingly automated and require little effort. Email marketing reaches an extremely large number of interested existing customers with purchasing power. The reputation of the company and the name is strengthened by creating attractive memories among customers. Customer care and loyalty are very important aspects of email marketing.


Advantages of Email Marketing:

  • Cost-efficient and little effort
  • Very effective form of contacting customers
  • One of the most effective and successful forms of advertising
  • Customer care and increased loyalty
  • Strengthening of the company name with the customer


Email Marketing – Newsletter and Other Types

Email marketing is based on the recipient’s consent to receive advertising material. For this reason, the customer must be given the opportunity to unsubscribe from further advertisements in every advertising mail. This is exactly what makes email marketing so effective. Customers who are in this program are very interested in brand new offers. A basic distinction is made between two types of email marketing:

  • One-to-one communication
  • One-to-many communication


One-to-One Communication

One-to-one communication is rather rare and requires special access to the customer. This is often used for tailor-made offers and involves a very personal form of customer contact . This type of email marketing requires sensitivity, concentration and special effort.


One-to-Many Communication

One-to-many communication is very widespread. These are circular letters that are usually sent simultaneously to all listed customers or to all customers who meet certain criteria.



The most popular form is the newsletter. A newsletter is sent to the customer base at regular intervals. It usually contains new offers, reviews or previews or further information on a product or service.



Another form is emailing. Emailing is the irregular submission of special promotions. These are often unbeatable discount offers or brand new collections.


Email Marketing – Our Offering

We can offer you email marketing that is created individually and adapted for your benefit. The structure of a professionally designed advertising mail takes many psychological factors into account. We help you design your advertising mails in such a way that a buying interest is already created after the customer reads the subject line. The layout and graphic design are of immense importance for the success of your advertising campaign. A professional advertising mail appeals to the subconscious mind of the customer and has precisely placed call-to-actions. This animates the customer to perform an action and click directly onto your landing page with concrete information about offers and orders.


Our Strengths:

  • Professional appearance and design
  • Personalized texts
  • Relevant content and targeted offers
  • Prioritized article sequences
  • Optimized dispatch times
  • Customer animation through calls-to-action