PPC (Pay-Per-Click) – Efficiency in Online Marketing

The PPC service (pay-per-click service) is the optimal way to make the most of your advertising budget. The customer (i.e. the advertiser) does not pay for simply displaying his ad banner in selected locations. With PPC, the customer pays for interested and solvent customers who actively click on his advertising link and follow it to the website with the specific offer. PPC is the most common form of SEA (search engine advertising).


PPC (Pay-Per-Click) – Advantages

By using PPC, the customer receives more traffic on his website. Even completely new websites can achieve great performances through PPC. The ranking in search engines is increased in an efficient way. The biggest advantage of PPC is on-bot advertising. The users receiving the ads are from the respective scene and are looking for the exact offer of the customer. The majority of traffic is created by interested users. This lowers the bounce rate and increases the time spent on the website. This significantly improves the website’s rating. Thanks to the model of compensation per click, the customer can minimize expenses for irrelevant advertising.


Advantages of PCC:

  • More traffic on the website
  • Only interested users
  • Better ranking in search engines
  • Compensation per click


PPC (Pay-Per-Click) – This is how it works!

PPC offers the opportunity to significantly reduce advertising expenses and to use ads at the perfect location that is required for ensuring the best performance possible. The customer determines the criteria and the areas in which he is looking for new and solvent customers. These can be specific keywords, regions (geo-targeting) or other search criteria. If a user is in the desired target group, the highlighted advertisement of the customer is displayed to him. If the user shows an active interest in the offer, he clicks on the advertising link and ends up on the customer’s website.

The compensation is negotiated through CPC (cost-per-click). As a rule, the highest bidder receives the best support. The order placement and the advertising spaces are part of the service. This means that simply displaying the banner does not incur any costs for the customer. The customer only pays for the users who express their interest by clicking on the advertising banner through an independent action.

At this point, PPC ends. The rest is in the hands of the customer. If the customer has appealing offers, he will be able to benefit from the interested users. The performance of the ad can be seen in the CTR (click-through rate). The precise selection and formulation of criteria, categories and keywords plays a major role in the ad’s performance.


PPC (Pay-Per-Click) – Our Offering

We design attractive PPC ads for you on Google Adwords, Bing Ads or other providers. Letting experts create a qualitative ad for you will get the most out of your advertising expenses. You receive more traffic on your website by users who are tailored to your exact offer. This increases your sales figures and improves the ranking of your website.


Our qualifications:

  • Strict focus on the goals of the customer
  • Optimization of campaigns for qualitative leads (interested and solvent users)
  • Working in specialist areas with strong competition
  • Working in niches that require special methods and access to moderation