SERM (Search Engine Reputation Management) – Image on the Internet

Every brand, especially when it has reached a certain size, is dependent on a positive reputation on the internet. When a dissatisfied customer is overcome by anger or a direct competitor by resentment, negative comments can wind up on the net and cause significant economic damage. Many customers research products on the internet before making a purchase decision. Even a few negative feedbacks on the first pages of search engines can ruin an honest business.

The magic word to deal with such inconveniences is SERM. The only way to successfully implement search engine reputation management is by using experienced professionals. SERM needs to be carefully planned on the basis of existing results and executed at a professional level. Some negative comments that aren’t true can be deleted, tangible negative contents must be displaced and a positive image should be created at least in the upper ranks. In the long run, the image of a brand on the internet, as well as that of its competitors, can be monitored and controlled.


SERM (Search Engine Reputation Management) – Advantages

The biggest advantages of SERM are a clean image and a good reputation of the brand or the company. The implementation is not always easy and some stains take years to remove. On the other hand, even if the image of a brand has been damaged, it can be repaired again. A brand’s image on the internet can be improved significantly in a short period of time. With monitoring, you can intercept evildoers before they can cause noticeable damage. Other users are encouraged to give positive feedback. The results of SERM are new customers, an improved image and a consistently positive reputation.


Advantages of SERM:

  • A positive image on the net
  • Positive feedback
  • Displacement of negative entries
  • Monitoring and controlling new comments
  • A clean image
  • New customers


SERM (Search Engine Reputation Management) – Methods

The SERM approach requires a lot of experience and sensitivity. The first step is a web analysis of the brand or the company. This involves carefully analysing search engines, the first few results aren’t enough. Social media and seemingly irrelevant forum entries also contribute to the image.

The second step is the creation of a work plan and setting realistic goals within a specified time frame. The methods can vary greatly. The plan is created based on the results of the analysis, the time available and the financial resources.

Step three is the implementation. The project manager needs to continuously monitor what is happening and the work plan must be continuously adapted to changes in the network. The size of the team corresponds to the budget, the effort and the work plan.


Negative Blog Posts

At the very least, the most visible negative comments about a brand need to be removed from the internet. As a last resort, some contributions that do not correspond completely to reality can be removed through legal action. Negative feedback based on personal opinion should be pushed to the back and made invisible with the help of professional SEO and positive content.


Image in Forums and Social Media

A new and exclusively positive opinion needs to be generated. This will encourage other users to buy the brand’s products and in turn leave positive comments. In the ideal case, this will trigger an avalanche-like reaction.


Working with Reviews

Positive feedback about the brand should appear in as many reviews as possible. This also means trying to change the opinions of customers who have left negative reviews. And to encourage customers with positive reviews to make further contributions.


Creating a Fresh Image

New advertising campaigns and unbeatable offers, current information and PR can all add a breath of fresh air to a brand. Positive or neutral content is published on leading and credible platforms such as news agencies or independent expert sites. New blogs are created with very good opinions about the brand. The alternative is hiring bloggers with many followers.


SERM (Search Engine Reputation Management) – Our Offering

We can help you establish an impeccable reputation and a clean image on the net. Our experienced team has the resources and know-how to make your wishes reality. Your brand will have a better rating and you can look forward to hordes of new customers. As a safeguard for the future, we offer a monitoring service. This type of web monitoring can secure your brand’s positive reputation in the long run and eliminate dangers in advance. The scope of the service depends on the web analysis and your budget.

SERM alone cannot maintain your image. SERM can only be used to control reputation on the internet. For the lasting success of your company, internal work such as product maintenance or customer acquisition must be carried out at a high level of quality.


We Offer:

  • Individual access
  • Optimization of online reputation
  • Displacement of negative entries
  • Creation of a positive image
  • Online PR
  • Monitoring and measures for prevention
  • A positive image on the internet