SMM (Social Media Marketing) – Finding and Attracting Interested New Customers

Social media marketing or social network marketing is an ideal way to address specific interest groups that fit exactly into the customer profile. Social media has become an important part of our society. In addition to photos and videos, preferences and sometimes even consumer behaviour are shared with friends on the Internet. One friend always goes to the gym, the second likes soft ice cream and the third likes rock music. SMM utilizes this information in a targeted manner to effectively convey advertising messages to interested and solvent audiences. In this way, advertising expenses can be limited and used very efficiently in the right places.


SMM (Social Media Marketing) – Advantages

The advantages of social media marketing are obvious. A very large part of the population has profiles on social networks and is online daily or even around the clock. Most users publish sufficient information to allow experts to expect or clearly rule out an interest in purchasing a product. Personal information on the place of residence, occupational field or age helps to address the exact target group. Advertising media can be sent directly to prospective customers instead of being sent out at random at a low rate of success. This approach generates large numbers of clicks, customers interested in buying are led to the homepage, and in the best case, purchase contracts are concluded. Many interested parties respond directly to the advertisement. Contacts are established with new and existing customers and one-to-one communication is established. The website (landing page) generates a lot of traffic through qualitative leads and the site benefits from better rankings in the search engines, which leads to even more customers. A win-win-win situation!


Advantages of SMM:

  • Effective use of advertising media
  • Interested audience
  • Successful transmission of the advertising message
  • Large reach for new customer acquisition
  • Building personal customer relationships
  • Active traffic and click generation on the homepage through qualitative leads


SMM (Social Media Marketing) – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

Successful SMM requires reputable and successful accounts on the various social networks. Profile maintenance plays a very important role in this. Professional techniques can be used to bring outdated and completely new accounts to a certain level in a very short time. In order to reach the desired audience, investments must be made in advertising campaigns.



The creation of a campaign in a social network is very easy and at the same time highly complex. The time required is minimal. A campaign that was not created by professionals is often a waste of time and effort. It is very important to focus on the goals that have been set upfront.

  • Do you want to sell a product online or are you looking for visitors in your physical store?
  • Do you only want likes or are you looking for customers to conclude purchase contracts?
  • Do you want to generate subscribers in the social network lead visitors to the website?

These and many other questions must be kept in mind when creating a campaign to reduce unnecessary expenses and make your ads as effective and target-oriented as possible.


Target Group

Precisely defining the target group is pretty much the most important part of any campaign. It is difficult to sell a skateboard to a pensioner or to attract a German person to a bakery in London. Certainly there will be exceptions and strengthening the company name can also plays a role, but in 99.9% of cases, such campaigns would be a waste of money. In order to keep the CTR (click through rate), i.e. the success rate of the advertisement, as high as possible, the customer profile has to be narrowed in a professional manner when defining the target group.


SMM (Social Media Marketing) – Our Offering

We can help you create your SMM campaigns as effectively as possible and thereby reduce your advertising costs. Our specialists are able to put the focus of your campaign on the determined goals and ensure a very high click-through rate for every item. In addition, we can manage your profile for you and create high-quality blog content.


We Offer:

  • Targeted and maximally efficient advertising campaigns
  • Profile maintenance
  • Generation of likes and subscribers
  • Creation of excellent blog content